Essays on chemical isomers

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Essays on chemical isomers

This article throws light upon the two main types of isomerism in molecules. When the isomers differ only in the arrangement of atoms or groups within the molecule, without any reference to space, these are known as structural isomers and the phenomenon as structural isomerism.


Thus, the structural isomers have the same molecular formula, but possess different structural formulae. Structural isomerism may again be of several types: This type of isomerism is due to the difference in the nature of the carbon chain i. It is due to the difference in the position of the side chain atom or group or an unsaturated linkage in the same carbon chain.

This type of isomerism is due to difference in the nature of functional group present in the isomers, e. Tautomerism may be defined as the phenomenon in which a single compound exists in two readily inter-convertible structures that differ markedly in the relative position of at least one atomic nucleus, generally hydrogen.

The two different structures are known as tautomers of each other. There are several types of tautomerism of which keto-enol tautomerism is the most important.

In this type, one form tautomer exists as a ketone while the other exists as an enol. The two simplest examples are of acetone and phenol. The spatial arrangement of atoms or groups is also referred to as configuration of the molecule and thus we can say that the stereoisomers have the same structural formula but different configuration.

In cis-isomer similar groups lie on the same side, while the similar groups when lie on opposite sides, the isomer is known as trans. Optical isomers contain an asymmetric chiral carbon atom a carbon atom attached to four different atoms or groups in their molecules.

Optical isomers have similar chemical and physical properties and differ only in their behavior towards plane polarized light. Enantiomers are d-and l -forms of a compound, which are non-super-imposable mirror image of each other.

Essays on chemical isomers

Racemic modification is an equimolecular mixture of d and l forms of the same compound. Since the rotation of d is cancelled by equal but opposite rotation of l, racemic mixture r is always optically inactive. This can be done by several ways, viz.:International Scholars Tuition School International Scholars Tuition School (IST) tutors are dedicated to teaching the most comprehensive lessons for the 11+ Common Entrance Exams (CEE), UKiset, Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning, 13+ Common Entrance Exams (CEE), 13+ Common Academic Scholarship Exams (CASE), and Eton College King’s Scholarship Exams, to Hong Kong students who .

Understanding The Stereochemistry Of Organic Compounds Environmental Sciences Essay. types of isomerism are possible including constitutional, configurational, and conformational isomerism. Constitutional isomers (also called structural or positional isomers) are molecules with the same atomic composition but different bonding .

The antioxidant and eicosanoid enzyme inhibition properties of pomegranate (Punica granatum) fermented juice and seed oil flavonoids were pomegranate fermented juice (pfj) and cold pressed seed oil (pcpso) showed strong antioxidant activity close to that of butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) and green tea (Thea sinensis), and significantly greater than that of red wine (Vitis vitifera).

The cis isomer of [Mo(CO) 4 (PPh 3) 2] was pale yellow, whilst the trans isomer was brown. To summarize the products were produced in reasonable yield, and the IR spectra along with group theory allowed the distinction of the isomeric forms of the complexes.

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Essays on chemical isomers
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