Explain the resources available to support

With out the adequate amount of money a project will simply fail. People is another very important resource. For example a website company that has too many graphics experts and no enough coders will find that the programmers are being overloaded, or that the graphics designers are sitting around with nothing to do while they wait for the programmers to catch up.

Explain the resources available to support

The labour is done by the people who are working on the project directly.

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For example, if the project was based around building a skyscraper, the people who are working on building it would be classed as the labour. If this element was missing, there would be nobody there to build the project and do the execute stage of the Project Life Cycle.

The enterprise element would be used in order to provide an idea and also information about the project to a project manager.

This can be procured by several different research methods by specific people on the project team, and then using the research gained, come up with plans for the project. For example, only guessing that a place would have enough space to build your project in could lead to a lack of space at some point in the problem.

A financial disaster or even a complete closure of the project could occur. Knowing what land you have access to and under what restrictions is essential.

This information can be used in order to find out the specifics about the area and let the Project Manager know whether the project is permitted to be placed there under certain circumstances. For example, just building a car park on any empty space for your project may cause problems.

There may be reservations already for another company, and there could be legal action taken against the project manager. This information can usually be gained from the local council. Knowing how much money you need is essential for a Project Manager.

Money is the foundation for all of the plans necessary in order to to even plan the project out. For example, just starting a project hoping that the project manager has enough money may cause issues with workers being underpaid or a lack of materials, and the entire project may have to be cancelled.

However, the information will need to be up to date, valid, accurate, reliable, relevant and detailed in order to provide any sort of benefit to the person using it.

Knowing this information and acting on it first can prevent that land from being taken by somebody else. Being provided invalid information can cause issues in the project. For example, finding out information about a material that the project manager wont even use in the project is completely useless and was a waste of time to find out.

Gantt Charts are a great way to plan out a project over a long period of time and clearly show the break up of time it takes to do each task in the project.

They can be designed to show days, weeks or months. Each bar on the table shows a period of time between the start of the task and the end.

Explain the resources available to support

Gantt Charts can contain several different things such as: There are several advantages to using Gantt Charts. Each task can clearly be shown, the time allocated to each task is shown on the chart, links and dependencies to other tasks in the project can be clearly shown, a really good visual representation that can be quickly looked at for a lot of information, a great way to have a perspective on how long a project should take as well as how much has already been done and all resources and people working on the task can be added to the chart for a lot more personalisation and information upfront.

There are also several disadvantages to using Gantt Charts. PERT Charts are used in order so show the sequence of tasks through directional arrows and dotted lines. The Arrows show what needs to be done in sequence and in parallel and the dotted line shows dependencies between objectives.

The lines that come off of the serial and parallel line tasks show the amount of time. An example of this would be:P2 Explain the resources available to support the project manager P2 unit17 By Mzingaye Siziba Information • Understand clients requirements It imporntant that the program manager meet witht he clients to discuss the requirements of the program they are about to design and the program manager should listen carefully to the client on .

Hi monica, Equipment means specific items such as wheelchairs, hearing aids or communication devises such as cards or computers etc.

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Resources can include equipment but also funding, support networks such as family or interest groups, available services such as respite or day care, therapies such as massage or .

Explain the range of resources that is available to support the additional needs of individuals with multiple conditions and/or disabilities There are a number of resources available to support the individual with complex care needs and their families. Understand the support available for individuals with multiple conditions and/or disabilities research the roles of professionals who may provide support to individuals with multiple conditions and/or disabilities and Explain the range of equipment that is available to support the additional.

P2 – Explain Resources Available To a Project Manager The project manager has access to multiple resources, this can be seen easier with a scenario in place, the construction of a new building will be used.

Sep 26,  · P2-Explain the resources available to a project manager The resources available to a project manager are best described by Karl Marx’s theory” Theory of the firm” in which he states to succeed in business you require four “elements” these are; Land (A place to carry out business, Labour (people to carry out the.

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