Higher education should be available to everyone essay

Round Table Editor-in-Chief Should inmates receive a free college education? With the crime rate steadily increasing in the United States, law makers are forced to put more and more citizens behind bars.

Higher education should be available to everyone essay

Maximum words Submit No it should not be free and heres why these are Canadian statistics By: Julian Molano Making universities and colleges free would only be beneficial for students during their education and not beneficial for any other group of people.

This is because the cost of universities and colleges would have to be payed for by the working age people taking millions of dollars from their own profit and increasing taxes on all other things.

It may seem beneficial in the eyes of students but once they finish their education and further pressure their carriers they will see income taxes will be well above 20 percent for any amount of income. This increase is caused because of the high costs of education.

It cost an average of twenty-two thousand dollars for one year including the cost for housing, textbooks, and other expenses in both university and college education per student, then this multiplied by the nearly two million students who attend universities and colleges each year in Canada would a amass to a total amount of forty-four million dollars per year, and how would the government pay for this?

Higher education should be available to everyone essay

By dramatically increasing taxes and forcing the working class to pay their own hard earned money on the education of students unrelated to themselves, this extra spending of taxes money would also cause a shortage in funding on things such as healthcare and the building of Canada infrastructure.

Needless to say, the expenses would be too great and it would not prove beneficial to the population as a whole.The argument against free education is this; it’s not free! Graduates are obviously good for the economy and society and there is some mileage in suggesting that Universities and individual degrees should be government subsidised.

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Spain Essays: Over , Spain Essays, Spain Term Papers, Spain Research Paper, Book Reports. ESSAYS, term and research papers available for UNLIMITED access Education is not for everyone The House believes that higher education should be free of charge for all I'd start with the point that, contemporary humans live in a world.

Some people argue that education should be accessible to everyone free of cost regardless of their financial status / background. I totally agree with this argument.

Nowadays, educational qualifications are the primary requirements for any high paid jobs since most companies like . should higher education be made available to all Education is a channel to understand the real world better and whether this education should be provided to the students by the universities should be free or not, is one of the most debated topics over last many decades.

In the near future, higher education will cost nothing and will be available to anyone in the world. Degrees may not be free, but the cost of getting some core education will be. All a student.

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