How to write a personal statement for nhs job

NES does not deal directly with patient care and therefore we do not hold or process medical records. NES does, however, have a Caldicott Guardian tasked with ensuring patient privacy is protected in our work. He can be contacted as follows:

How to write a personal statement for nhs job

How to write a personal statement for a NHS assistant psychologist Jayne Thompson Updated September 13, A personal statement, sometimes called a profile or career summary, is the section at the top of your CV or a pro-forma job application which summarises your career skills and experience and sets out your ambitions for the future.

The function of a personal statement is to enable a recruiter to quickly identify whether you are suitable for interview, so it needs to be punchy.

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If drafted carefully, a personal statement can give your application a dynamic impact. This specification is common to all AP jobs across different specialities and sits alongside the job specification which differs between roles. Read the general person specification and spend some time covering off the requirements.

That way you will have done a lot of the groundwork before you come to apply for specific roles. Read the individual job specification carefully. The purpose of your personal statement is to describe how you meet the exact specifications of the job description. Describe how your skills and experience match each requirement.

Decide whether you are writing in the first or third person. There are no hard and fast rules about this and everyone has their own preference. Try writing your statement both ways to see what flows.

how to write a personal statement for nhs job

Do not interchange the two. Explicitly state your experience against each criteria in the job and person specification and then explain what you have learnt from your experience.

how to write a personal statement for nhs job

Phrases like "passionate about" and "interested in" are fluff. While the NHS does not have a word limit on personal statements, other industries expect a good statement to have impact in just words. NHS job specifications tend to be lengthy, and this requires a lengthier response, but you should still aim to deal with everything in a single page.

It goes without saying that your spelling and grammar should be perfect. Your spell check should be in British rather than US English. Tip The personal statement is not just about previous employment experience. Include anything relevant, such as practical work you have undertaken, voluntary work, conferences you have attended, community events and articles you have read or contributed to.

Warning Avoid tired phrases.The NHS accidentally disclosed , patients' personal data. Britain's data watchdog is investigating a huge amount of confidential data shared without patient consent.

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The Outpatient Services within the Health Board cover a wide range of specialties, and are held across a number of acute and community hospitals and in some primary care resource centres.

Many of the acute specialties are managed by the Outpatient Department across the four acute hospitals, but some. In England, the NHS Choices website is designed to be the central place where everyone can find a dentist. However, Which? research has shown that, depending on where you live, you may still have to ring around to find a dental practice to take you as a new patient.

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Executive summary. In order for the National Health Service (NHS) to continue to provide a high level of healthcare at an affordable cost, it simply must modernise and

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