How to write a report gc services

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How to write a report gc services

Why is my FTF count 0? Or close to it. First to Finds isn't something that is officially supported by Geocaching HQ, therefore we can not retrieve this data from them.

What Project-GC is doing is that it's looking for tags in your found logs.

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Some of those that are supported are: Some of those tags are required to be first in the log, some can exist anywhere. None of the above needs to be first. Back to top I have edited all my FTF logs and added tags, why doesn't it work? As you might have read under How up-to-date is the data? Edited logs is one of them.

In short, it might take up to about 3 months for edited logs to get detected. You can however trigger a faster refresh using the self-support system, which you can find by clicking one of our support buttons.

Back to top I have edited my logs and added FTF tags. I ran the refresh find data in the self-support system, but they are still not visible.

how to write a report gc services

Depending on the amount of finds you have and the current load of Project-GC the time to go through your logs differs. Therefore, you should not expect us to be able to refresh more than finds per day. Also check your job queue in the menu to see if the job has completed.

It may take another hour for our data-caches to expire even after the job has completed. After that though, they should be visible here. The Profile Stats will not be updated until next time it renders. This is daily for paying members and weekly for others. If you can't find the issue, feel free to contact us.

Back to top I don't want to edit my logs, is there another method to get my FTFs shown? The alternative is to create a public bookmark list at Geocaching.

how to write a report gc services

After that, go to Settings and select your bookmark list there. The list will then be parsed once per day to detect your FTFs. If you want to, this can be combined with the FTF tagging mentioned aboive. The tagging might be easier to maintain than a bookmark list. Incorrect data My found count isn't correct This can be due to many reasons.

If you have deleted logs, Project-GC might not have detected it yet. The logs you have created the last two days might not be detected yet either. But this should normally not be a consistent issue. Project-GC is trying its best to sync up every profile, and users of Project-GC gets a higher priority and normally gets a sync about daily.

If your profile on Geocaching. The reason behind this is that one of your logged caches has been retracted. It has been removed after being published.

Not just archived, but a reviewer has been taking the cache back for some reason. These can not be seen by Project-GC, this is by design from Geocaching HQ and not something we can do anything about as it works today. As mentioned, these aren't listed anywhere on Geocaching.

Added to this, there is also the Lab caches, which aren't always supposed to show up in statistics. As a paid member of Project-GC you can allow them to be added in some of the Profile stats modules, but they won't be included elsewhere on the site.

Back to top I found a cache with a faulty elevation Sadly there are a lot of geocaches with these issues. The elevation data does not come from Geocaching.Project-GC is a site with the goal to provide statistics and tools for all the geocachers in the world.

This will be the go to place for charts, top lists, statbars, compares, achievements and map tools.

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