Liberal democracy is a contradiction in

Posted by The Breaking Perceptions Team at It is a form of political rule that balances the principle of limited government against the idea of popular consent.

Liberal democracy is a contradiction in

July 15, Global Democracy and economic liberalism are often sold as a two-for-one package deal to the world. The United States, as the core of neoliberal hegemonic power, has prominently stated in Chapter VI of its National Security Strategy NSS report its dedication to this ideal which states the following: Greater economic freedom is ultimately inseparable from political liberty… history has judged the market economy as the single most effective economic system and the greatest antidote to poverty.

To expand economic liberty and prosperity, the United States promotes free and fair trade, open markets, a stable financial system, the integration of the global economy, and secure, clean energy development U.

Liberal democracy is a contradiction in

National Security Strategy Report, However, more and more as the liberal economic system spreads and entrenches itself in the international system, we have seen a contraction of the power of democracy.

There is a misconception being built that democracy cannot exist without a free market capitalist economy although free market capitalism finds many friends in the least democratic countries. Many international institutions push these economic ideas on their members.

Through international treaties and trade agreements, economic restraints are being placed on member states, without the consent of the people. This democratic deficit is concerning, and has been especially illuminated during the current economic crisis. It has led us to ask the question: As ideologies spread from the national to the international, they begin to be institutionalized in treaties and regional organizations such as NATO.

Membership in these institutions is used as an incentive to promote the growth of the hegemonic ideology. It is reasonable to think that NATO, now effectively irrelevant, would dissolve as its former adversary had done.

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Yet NATO was an institution that legitimized the hegemony, and thus disbandment was not the most favourable option: It would become not simply a defender of the hegemony, but, more importantly, a tool of its expansion.

A significantly weakened Russia left many countries wanting new direction and leadership. As Neo-Gramscianism asserts, the success of the hegemony is often seen as attractive to countries on the periphery, and they will attempt to emulate the hegemony. Eastern Europeans states desired stability, which they saw in the successful, prosperous West.

In turn, the West wanted the support of the East. Accordingly, Eastern European countries pressed hard for free-market economies and more democratic freedoms. I felt we should welcome them, because if they were denied NATO protection, they would be in political limbo and might well seek security through other means, resulting in unpredictable alliances, efforts at rearmament, and the possible use of force to settle disputes.

Ideology Over the past thirty years neo-liberalism has been institutionalized on the state level in various countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom and transferred to the international arena via international institutions. Neo-liberalism is based on the ideas of classical liberalism, which are concerned with limiting the political powers of the state and promoting the ideals of the free market economic system.

The separation of the public and private spheres was the ideological base from which Friedrich Hayek formed his ideas on economic liberalism and its compatibility with the ideas of individual liberty and the need to limit the powers of the state.

Hayek was seeking to preserve what he saw as the power of the individual to produce, unhindered by the collective will of the state. He looked to limit the power of the state as did earlier classical liberal theorists such as Locke, Mill, and Bentham. Paradoxically, this need to free the individual from the influence of the state and to protect private interests required strong constitutional laws as well as the means to enforce them.

In order for the free market to function properly, it requires a firm set of rules, as well as appropriate institutions to maintain and enforce them. However, these rules and regulatory institutions must exist only on a limited scale, so as not to impede the rights of private property.Mar 18,  · Liberal democracy is a contradiction in terms.

The surprise is that liberalism and democracy have coexisted for so long, not that they are currently pulling in different directions. Liberal democracy shadows closely to representative.

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It expresses the need for free and fair elections, individual rights and economic freedom and finally a constitution. It has more recently however been debated the extent to which these rights are a contradiction to the beliefs. Apr 08,  · Liberal democracy is a contradiction of terms. Discuss.

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Liberal democracy is the main political force in the developed world, with 2/3 of the worlds states demonstrating features of it.

It is a form of political rule that balances the principle of limited government against the idea of popular Breaking Perceptions.

Liberal democracy is a contradiction in terms. Discuss. Is a political regime that combines a liberal preference for limited government w/ a democratic preference for majority rule.

Liberal democracy is a contradiction in

A third contradiction is the odd tendency for liberals to rely on explicitly anti-liberal forces to enact their policies. Unsurprising seeing that liberal political movements in many countries lack the mass basis of other political families, ironically not making liberals the main force in the spread of liberalism.

Apr 14,  · It isn't a contradiction in terms. A democracy can manifest itself in many ways. If the people choose to have strict limitations on their individual liberties they can do that (theoretically you could have a communist democracy).Status: Resolved.

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