Nfl concussion essay

Hire Writer But in Septembera study commissioned by the N. The league and Commissioner Roger Goodell had insisted that the N. In Decemberthe league announced that it would impose its most stringent rules to date on managing concussions, requiring players who exhibit any significant sign of concussion to be removed from a game or practice and be barred from returning the same day. Several members of Congress portrayed Mr.

Nfl concussion essay

In this case, the cerebrospinal fluid is not able to cushion the impact. The force averaging to this has been estimated to be 98 times the force of gravity. When the player is hit, the shock passes through the brain fluid and bounces back off the skull.

When a concussion occurs, it can cause the bruising of the brain and tearing the blood vessels. It damages the nerves Teitelbaum Concussions and long-term effects of having repeated blows to the head have made them become a hot-button topic in sports over the past few years, most notably in the NFL.

The NFL has recorded an increase in the number of concussions witnessed every year. Experts suggest that these concussions, if not handled properly, may bring to the end of football.

The NFL is finding itself sued Nfl concussion essay its former players. Former players and some other small groups claim that the NFL has known about the high risk of brain injury that comes along with playing football and that they have covered it for years.

These groups and former players have filed a master complaint where they united their complaints into one case. Heim has retained the law.

The firm Dechert LLp prepares the trials behind the scenes. If the court rules that the players have a case to answer, then NFL has big problems. Having a trial would be awful news for the NFL.

Making the matter worse, there would also be a discovery phase when each of the sides can request evidences related to the case Kamberg Even if the prospect of no game checks were extremely scary, it would be beneficial to the NFL in terms of financial matters.

However, in the setting of the suit, they have not fully addressed the injured players. Most people think that a dangerous football is the dramatic thrilling hits that always leave the players staggering, twitching, and totally knocked out.

However, studies show that the actual real threat may lie in the impacts repeated again and again or in the sub-concussive forces. A former NFL defensive lineman and an activist Dave Pear believes that the concussion issue and its related lawsuits could have a dizzying effect.

This effect, in his opinion, could lead to the end of the NFL. He says that if the issue of concussion is not treated properly, it has the maximum potential to end football. He says that earlier John Heisman saved the game by making the forward pass.

According to him, it has now come to a full cycle. The former player also claims that the NFL does not do enough for its disabled veterans. Dave Pear has had numerous neck, hip, and back surgeries. In addition to the memory loss, this problem has made him qualify for some social security benefits back in Pear observes that the NFL has not been honest about concussions just as the way tobacco companies are not honest about cigarettes.

He is a plaintiff in the concussions lawsuit against the NFL. He encourages former players to sign a declaration of independence Nowinski He believes that these organizations have not taken cared of the ex-players and usually act without their consent.

Pear says that he enjoyed playing football, but once he got injured, the game turned on him. A leading neurosurgeon has campaigned for having better protection for young athletes from head injury.

He has linked this move to the number of retired NFL players seeking diagnosis for brain diseases. These diseases are linked to having multiple concussions. He argues that having blows to the head of children under the age of fourteen is suicidal. People are becoming aware of the growing number of head injuries and cognitive problems among football players, including on high school levels.

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It has led to Malcolm Gladwell suggesting that football will come to an end, which has been supported by Jonah Lehrer. Malcolm says that those who think that football is a tremendously solid game and cannot come to an end have to refer to the history.

He gives an example of the stocks in Fortune from They ceased to exist because of law suits. His says that the NFL is likely to follow this route. He goes ahead and says that in the early 20th century, top three sports were baseball, horse racing, and boxing.Concussions are a wellness job that people need to be more cognizant of.

Concussions cause the unsafe disease CTE that has already claimed the lives of many jocks in the NFL and in other athleticss. We are making research on CTE but a batch more demands to be done.

Custom Concussions Will Be the End of NFL Essay A concussion usually occurs after a violent and hard blow to the head and it causes the brain to slam against the skull. In this case, the cerebrospinal fluid is not able to cushion the impact.

The MTBI committee publishes a paper in Neurosurgery emphasizing that the NFL’s concussion problem is relatively small: “A total of 92% of concussed players returned to practice in less than.

This research paper is written on the concussion problem that is currently happening in the NFL. It explores the idea that the NFL held information from the players and is a big reason for the problems that Concussions are causing for former players.

Football Has No Future. I got a press release by e-mail from the Plaintiff's Committee for NFL Concussion Litigation, the group representing former players in their lawsuit against the NFL. Read this essay on Concussion.

Nfl concussion essay

Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays. assessment is widely regarded as the most sensitive way of detecting disturbances in brain function associated with concussion. The National Football League and the National Hockey League have both instituted systematic programs of.

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