The difference between domestic terroism and international terrorism

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The difference between domestic terroism and international terrorism

The opinions expressed below are a supplement to that article. If insulating yourself from a worst-case scenario is your primary concern then the following considerations, some of which were mentioned in the article above, could help you to better decide what to do next: Stay out of the cities: This is without a doubt the top concern when looking at the possibility of an economic collapse or other disaster scenario.

The difference between domestic terroism and international terrorism

When you think major city and SHTF, think Hurricane Katrina, but on a regionalized scale affecting tens of millions of people. Like the cities, it will only be a matter of time before competition for resources reaches a boiling point.

Depending on where you are in the country, the elements may become just as dangerous as gangs in the city. If the wilderness is your plan, do you have a plan for staking and defending a piece of land for you and your family?

How close is your support network? If you plan on relocating, are family members and like-minded friends within a tank of gas to your new location?


While an SHTF location miles outside of a major city is a great idea, if your plan is to have just you and your immediate family of 2 to 5 people defending the land you may run into problems.

Regardless of how many guns or how much ammo you have, coordinated attacks by gangs or the possibility of being overrun by those who managed to make it to rural areas should be a consideration. Also, looking at the location of your home town and the reality of coordinating with neighbors and city officials to stop non-residents from entering a particular area would be prudent.

A support network on a familial and community level will be critical if you are near any population centers, even if your town is only made up of a few thousand people.

Is your new place to live capable of going off-grid for extended periods? Electricity and gas power are important, but not as important as your immediate needs like food, water, shelter and defense.

With the right people by your side, your defense capabilities should be significantly enhanced. But if the grid goes down, how will you manage? Will there be fresh water available from a well or stream? What if someone dams your stream up river?

Is there enough arable land to produce food — and enough water to keep it alive? Remember, the food you need will not be just for you, but for the animals you might be raising. Do you have reserve feed for those animals, or do you plan on feeding them off the land?

The above article pointed out that coastal areas could be deadly — for a number of reasons. Bad news if the earth ever decides to sneeze. That, and the fact that those areas become major targets in the event of war or wide-scale terrorism.

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The east coast of the US, especially, would be dangerous simply because of the number of people. The west coast would experience similar effects. During any such mass migrations, any easy to traverse land masses will be subject to disturbances and only those in remote or difficult to reach locations will go unscathed.

If it even exists, the SHTF protection zones, in general, seem to be the central United States regions — this includes flat lands and mountainous regions, stretching from northern Texas up towards the Dakotas and west towards Idaho.

Parts of northern California, Oregon and Washington also qualify.Nov 20,  · Domestic terrorism is the kind where people in the country aredoing the violence.

International terrorism is when those fromother countries commit acts of terrorism.

The difference between domestic terroism and international terrorism

It is time that our federal criminal laws recognize domestic terrorism for what it is: the moral equivalent of international terrorism. To be clear, it is not that there are inadequate criminal statutes on the books to ensure that James Fields can be prosecuted appropriately and, if convicted, serve a lengthy time in prison for his heinous crime.

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Apr 23,  · It is somewhere between domestic and perhaps between international terrorism. And the worry is that it will promote a sort of additional aggressiveness on the part of law enforcement and the U.S. Apr 23,  · Deciphering Foreign Versus Domestic Terrorism Steve Inskeep talks with Karen Greenberg, Director of Fordham University's Center on National Security, about defining terrorism, what it .

“There’s clearly a significant difference between domestic terrorism and international terrorism – or what we are now referring to as Islamic terrorism – .

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