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Cronin often wrote of young men from similarly mixed backgrounds. His paternal grandparents had emigrated from County ArmaghIreland, and become glass and china merchants in Alexandria. Owen Cronin, his grandfather, had had his surname changed from Cronague in His maternal grandfather, Archibald Montgomerie, was a hatter who owned a shop in Dumbarton.

The two gentlemen of verona essay writer

They presume that the upper class is noble, proper and educated while the lower class is of the opposite; the lower class work for the upper class and thus cannot possibly exceed the caliber of the upper class.

Shakespeare upends this predetermined notion by utilizing the characters to convey a strong sense of role reversal throughout The Two Gentlemen of Verona. Loyalty is an underlying theme throughout the play.

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Judging from his fickle actions of suddenly falling in love with Silvia after swearing to remain faithful to Julia, Proteus is unable to have nearly as much loyalty as a spaniel should have. Thus one can conclude that Proteus is not nearly as loyal as a dog.

The relationship between Lance and Crab can be compared to Proteus and Julia. Lance, the servant has an unusually loyal and selfless relationship with his dog, Crab.

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It is interesting to note that Lance seems to be more loyal or devoted to Crab, than his dog is to him. The unusual reversal of roles that the two gentlemen of verona essay writer master and its dog should have, gives way to a recurring idea — prominent throughout the rest of the play, that the characteristics of the lower class and upper class are interchanged.

Speed and Lance are two servants who happen to be servants of two deeply in-love masters. In Act 3 Scene 1, Lance claims that he too, is in love and reveals a list of which he has written down the merits of his lady.

Typically, one should assume that this list — coming from an uneducated servant, should not exhibit a great amount of depth or critical thinking; however this list surprises the reader in its logicality and wittiness, and in addition, reinforces the idea of the switching of hierarchal roles.

The realistic and practical nature of the list shows the maturity and intelligence of Lance, which begs to question the nature of the picturesque but fickle and unsustainable nature of the love affairs of the masters, Valentine and Proteus.

This once again reiterates the role reversal of social hierarchy and through the sensibleness of Lance and shows that the upper class may not be as intellectual as they are perceived to be. There are also other smaller remarks in scenes that support the notion that a role reversal suggests the idea that aristocrats may not be as intellectual as them seem to be.

It is arguable that the Duke only asked Valentine for advice as a part of his scheme to figure out how Valentine has been courting his own daughter, Silvia. However, if one looks at the scene and context secluded from the ulterior intentions, the mere act of a superior asking an inferior for advice heavily suggests that the role reversal of characters in The Two Gentlemen of Verona and ultimately, that the aristocratic, or Duke, is not as almighty and wise as he is assumed to be.

Finally, perhaps the most prominent manifestation of role reversal and the abasement of aristocrats lies in the exchange between Valentine and Speed. However during Act 2 Scene 1, Valentine is criticized by Speed, for the negative effects that he has brought upon himself as a result of his love for Silvia.

This exchange radiates the idea that Speed sees things that Valentine is unable to as well as the idea that Speed is wiser and more intellectual than his superior, Valentine.

the two gentlemen of verona essay writer

In this brief exchange, Valentine and Speed play instead, the inferior and superior roles respectively as Speed lectures Valentine on this love-blind issue.

Thus it can be argued that he utilized this theme as a way to provide pleasure for the audience of his work. Nonetheless, through the various exchanges between master and servant, and servant to servant, one can see that the stereotypical roles of the characters are not congruent with their actual characteristics.

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All these examples amalgamate to a reinforced idea that the roles of the upper class and lower class may be reversed and that the upper class are not nearly as intelligent and esteemed as they are perceived to be.Life is like a boomerang essays using quotes in an essay mla saving endangered animals essay essay on tigers words story act 2 scene 1 macbeth essay pdf same sex marriage gender discrimination essay best narrative essay crimsix dissertation prudencio bertrand josafat argumentative essay articles college argumentative essay internet use and misuse essay writer monet houses of parliament .

Suggested Essay Topics; How To Cite No Fear The Two Gentlemen of Verona Context. Likely the most influential writer in all of English literature and certainly the most important playwright of the English Renaissance, William Shakespeare was born in in the town of Stratford-upon-Avon in Warwickshire, England.

The first historical. Two Gentlemen of Verona is also a comedy that involves some romanticism and tragic events. For example, Proteus, character almost like Romeo, in Romeo and Juliet, is young and falls in love too easily. To get a unique essay Hire Writer. but the English language as well.

Though he wrote many good plays, one of his earlier plays, “Two Gentlemen of Verona” will be discussed in greater detail in this essay. One of his most obvious achievements include language.

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Tradition and the individual talent ts eliot analysis essay. 5 stars based on 30 reviews Essay. Compartir. DEJA UN COMENTARIO. Clic para cancelar respuesta. Name (*). Two Gentlemen of Verona: The view from the Director Media Files: The director talks about how she adapted the script and directed the student Shakespeare production of Two Gentlemen of Verona.

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