Writing a report-type assignment discovery

The next day, have the groups hang their posters on a bulletin board. Ask members of each group to give a weather report using their map. Their presentations should also answer the questions provided. Following the presentations, ask each group to compare its map with another and explain how the two are related.

Writing a report-type assignment discovery

In the year Alexander before going on holiday, left a dish with bacteria on the bench near the window in his laboratory. When he came back, he was just about to throw the dish away when he noticed something out of the ordinary. He double-checked and saw a blue mould in the dish around which the bacteria had been destroyed.

The blue mould was in fact the natural form of penicillin which Fleming realized was an effective way of killing bacteria. Despite the outcome of his discovery, Fleming remained modest and unassuming. Penicillin till now is one of the most effective antibiotic agents.

Penicillin became commonly used only in the early s at the beginning of the World War II when Ernst Chain and Howard Florey, two prominent medical researchers, introduced it in the wide circle of the public cited in Grandin, Alexander Fleming, the son of the Scottish shepherd, was born in He started studying medicine in St.

It was in that he discovered penicillin. However, he was not the first to realize antibacterial properties of this drug but the first to realize the significance of his discovery. He stopped investigating antibacterial properties of penicillin in because he did not have a possibility to make a chemical expertise and develop his medical thought.

writing a report-type assignment discovery

Despite this fact, it was he who discovered its infection-killing properties and made the push for the further findings. They proved that this antibiotic could kill bacteria in our body. They held a number of experiments ending with the successful treatment of mice with the help of penicillin.

It was discovered that this drug could treat a great range of infections. The real significance of the discovery was proved during the World War II when penicillin had saved millions of human lives.

This team from Oxford University helped to start mass production of the drug cooperating with the government at the beginning of the war. Florey also contributed to the production of penicillin by most pharmaceutical companies in the United States.

After these events, Alexander Fleming got a number of great awards. In together with Florey he was bestowed knighthood and in together with Florey and Chain he got the Nobel Prize for Medicine. Fleming died in of a heart attack. He was buried with great honors in St. Fleming is a considered to be a national hero.

Despite the fact that he had not made a lot of experiments and presented a scientific foundation of his finding, he made the discovery that has changed medical practice forever.By now, you may have heard that “writing is a form of discovery.” When we write, we may discover how we really feel about our topic, what we really know about our .



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